1. Recorded the Curious Courses Day. What started as just doing Selina & Henrik a favor turned out to be a truly serendipitous day.

  2. The summer is finally back in Zürich.

  3. Have been tracking my weight and intake for about one and a half years. So this week I decided to up it a notch. Hello Up.

  4. Today’s the official start of the OGD@Confederation MVP project.

  5. An amazing way to say «HI» - by Rita Barracha the newest member of the Liip family.

  6. Official announcement Mr. Kellerhals that Switzerland will get an Open Government Portal in Autumn 2013.

  7. Discussing whether Swiss citizens should elect people into the federal assembly directly. Democracy at its’ best.

  8. Switzerland is expanding

  9. I know exactly what you’re doing.

  10. Girlfriend’s texting (Taken with Instagram at Bahnhof Pfäffikon/SZ)